Managing Energy

The fourth building block of Prosilience is making sure we have a strong supply of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to draw on in working through challenges. In each of these areas we can protect our energy, making sure that we are reducing unnecessary or avoidable energy demands, replenish our energy, refilling our supply through rest and restorative activities, and build our energy, engaging in exercises that strengthen our capabilities in each of these areas. 



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Help for Sleepless Nights

Help for Sleepless Nights

In this busy world, sleep time can be precious. However, our biggest enemy, restless, sleepless nights, often gets in our way. As we toss and turn in bed, we just cannot get all the thoughts out of our mind. We start to get anxious about not getting enough sleep,...

Music and Resilience

A while back, the obituaries page in my newspaper had two stories on it. One was about Maria von Trapp, the last surviving member of the family who was the basis for "The Sound of Music." They escaped from Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938, and went on to perform music...