Calming Yourself

The first building block of Prosilience is learning how to bring yourself to a state of calm when you are feeling disrupted. The simplest strategy is simply taking several deep breaths, holding them for several seconds before breathing out. 



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Warming Up Your Change Muscles

Before a physical workout, a warmup is helpful to get the muscles and joints prepared for activity and reduce the likelihood of injury. There are also warmups you can do before engaging your change muscles. When you are dealing with adversity, your brain and body play...

Stuck in Traffic?

Stuck in Traffic?

Traffic can be the most frustrating thing in everyday life. We are stuck in a tiny space, we can't move the car, and we have to pay close attention to other cars. Severe commuting stress can also harm our health both physically and psychologically. Although we can try...

Music and Resilience

A while back, the obituaries page in my newspaper had two stories on it. One was about Maria von Trapp, the last surviving member of the family who was the basis for "The Sound of Music." They escaped from Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938, and went on to perform music...

Basic Warmup Exercises

The goal of resilience warmup exercises is to help you feel relaxed and calm so you can think and react more effectively when facing challenges. All of the other resilience muscles work more easily and effectively when you are warmed up. If you practice one or more of...