You were born resilient…AND you can intentionally build your resilience.

That’s what PROsilience is about.

The Four Prosilience Building Blocks









This award-winning book by Dr. Linda Hoopes describes:
  • Four building blocks of resilience
  • Seven “resilience muscles”
  • Strategies for personal development

Prosilience: Building Your Resilience For a Turbulent World will help you learn to master adversity by understanding the elements of resilience and deliberately practicing them. Bringing together insights from a wide range of fields including psychology, neuroscience, physiology, and spirituality, the book helps you assess your readiness for challenge and design a plan to become even stronger.

Whether you’re starting a business, heading to college, caring for an aging parent, dealing with change in the workplace, coping with an illness, or facing some other kind of challenge, you’ll find wisdom here.

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Linda takes a set of practical concepts about resilience and moves them into a personal exploration, inviting me to discover and experiment with my own capacity to thrive during times of change.

– Jay Scherotter, Former Learning and Organizational Development Executive
at Nationwide Insurance

As a recent retiree, Prosilience gave me the opportunity to develop a blueprint for crafting a creative response to the challenges inherent in reinventing myself.

– Anne Haimes, retired library administrator