Traffic can be the most frustrating thing in everyday life. We are stuck in a tiny space, we can’t move the car, and we have to pay close attention to other cars. Severe commuting stress can also harm our health both physically and psychologically. Although we can try to avoid traffic by planning ahead and leaving early, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Instead, we have to focus on staying patient and managing our own attitude. Here are some resources on how to prevent and alleviate traffic stress:

This article lists 6 ways to stay calm in traffic and not be stressed out. “Traffic, whether during a daily work commute or encountered unexpectedly while trying to get somewhere, can take a toll on you emotionally. Stress associated with driving in traffic is challenging to tackle as you are captive inside your car until you can meander through the mess.”

This post recommends some little silly things we can do to make traffic easier to overcome. I like it because we can reduce multiple kinds of stress by doing these–these suggestions not only lessen the traffic stress, but can also allow us to relax and forgot about the stress caused by other daily hassles. The author argues that traffic doesn’t have to be a huge source of stress as long as we have the right attitude and try hard to make ourselves happy. So why not try doing these silly movements next time when you are stuck in traffic?

If you are tired of reading text, this news post contains a video explaining how traffic stress can be bad to our health and ways to deal with it. “If you get caught in a traffic jam, it is what it is. Don’t get upset about it. Listen to your (audio) book, listen to the radio.”

Listening to music is another good way to deal with traffic stress. This station plays classical music that can slow your mind down and smoothly swipe the stress away. If you like more exciting music, this playlist is perfect for you to listen on the road or in traffic.