We all looked forward to growing up when we were little: the freedom, ability, and rights awaiting for us were so attractive. However, as we do grow up, we may start to fear aging and wish that we could always stay young. For some people, anxiety about aging can be devastating to the point that it disrupts normal life. Here are some thoughts on preparing for a positive aging experience:

This article gives advice on dealing with the fear and stress of getting older. The author suggests different methods of dealing with fear, including counseling, games, and networking. He says, “Again there is nothing to worry about as you get older if you take things in stride. Everyone ages and it is a part of life. ”

This blog talks about how we can enjoy aging and getting older. The author takes a light attitude toward aging and death. He tries to convince people that aging, and even death, should not be seen as a terrible thing, “Maybe I’m looking at it too lightly. What does death mean? It means nothing. Literally nothing. There’s a big ocean out there. My life is a single wave on that ocean.”

This post explains that we fear aging because we are afraid that when we get old, there is nothing to look forward to. It points out that we have negative expectations toward aging. Sometimes we are affected by our culture more than by our number of years: “Pursued as a solitary quest, positive aging is helpless against the larger powers that benefit from our fear. The real answer is to connect enthusiastically with one another, and fight back.”

If we live long enough, we will become old. Greeting this with calmness and a positive attitude, rather than responding with fear, will help us gain the most from all the years of our lives.